The Ghee Spot is for my love of food and sharing my favorites with you.

Hi, I’m Adarsh and I am the chef behind The Ghee Spot! I’m a Programmer/Analyst during the day and a chef and a photographer when no one is looking. I am also a proud husky dad!
My journey as a chef started at a very young age by curiously watching my mom cook while passing her the ingredients (also, occasionally stealing some when she’s not watching), to chopping vegetables, and sneezing every time she throws in the spices into the dish. She was not pleased with me lurking around the kitchen since I was impatient and messy. Although she had to clean up after me, she never stopped me from trying and she has always been my honest critique. I learned a lot about flavors and spices from her but the one thing that’s etched in my memory is “You can’t just turn up the heat and throw everything at once and expect the food to be edible. Cooking is about patience and harmony of the ingredients used in a dish; everything has to go in at the right moment.”
My inspiration for exploring new cuisines and flavors comes from watching Gordon Ramsay & Jamie Oliver; while I follow the basic recipe I always try to add instincts to create my recipes. 
From starting as a sous chef to my mom to creating my recipes for cuisines around the world, this blog is my homage to different cultures by celebrating food on a plate and in turn sharing that journey with you. 
You can find my posts on @searchforthegheespot on Instagram. Come say hi at my personal Instagram account - @boywiththehuskytattoo and watch my husky play around at @blazeontour.

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