Baked eggs bacon and cheese


  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Onions (finely chopped)
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Salt & Pepper


On a hot pan place the bacon and cook it for 2 minutes on each side. Make sure it doesn’t get too crispy; all you want to do is get it slightly cooked so that you can roll it up.

In the bacon fat, onions and cook it till it becomes translucent.

Spread out the onions and roll up the bacon to form a well and place it in the pan.

In each of the bacon well, crack open an egg.

Preheat the oven to 350 oF and put the pan in the oven and cook it for 30-35 minutes.

Pull out the pan and spread out all the cheese on the top and put it back in on broil for 5-7 minutes to melt the cheese.


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